A-cricket-ball-007My father was born in Oakland, California on St. Patrick’s Day, 1938 to a Belfast emigre seeking a new life. He was sent to boarding school on Vancouver Island in British Colombia, Canada when he was very young. There, he discovered the game of cricket, which has been his life’s passion. He became the captain of the British Colombia provincial team and has his picture in the cricket hall of fame there. When he moved to Los Angeles, he joined the Hollywood Cricket Club, which was sponsored by the actor Boris Karloff. Now living in a small town in Northern California where the sport has little or no following, his passion and joy is something he lives out almost entirely in isolation. This is his story.

Click here to listen: Cricket in the New World on Sound Cloud

Big Dave and Barton Out birdwatching

Big Dave and Barton Out birdwatching

7 thoughts on “Cricket in the New World

  1. One of the better things on TV at the moment is a Canadian detective show set in 1900 in Toronto.
    It is very tongue in cheek. Murdoch Mysteries is the name.Alexander Graham Bell, Conan Doyle, HG Wells and other historic figures have appeared.
    For me the most interesting thing is how Canada was so British then…andtensions between Irish Catholics and Orange Order in Toronto are often referenced.
    Interstingly this Britishness was ongoing right up to the end of the 1960s…new flag…and the end of anglophile Deifenbacher (sp)

  2. Thank you Mr. Creeth for introducing Cricket to me. I have causally watched matches online and my peer group dose not understand. Lol. Oh. And a little Latin well. Helps with Portugese and español.
    Chris Moore 1988 8th grade English. John Marshall middle school. Pasadena, Ca.

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