Tonight at the Mornington Community centre along the Ormeau Road a group of staff and volunteers gathered to open up south Belfast’s first food bank [first Trussell Trust food bank in south Belfast]. The atmosphere was calm. Bruce Gardiner-Crehan, who helped develop the food bank and now acts as one of its lead coordinators, watched the door, waiting for the first person to arrive. “I’m actually a bit nervous. We’ve been working towards this for a year.”

Those that use the food bank must be referred by charity agencies, GPs, or other support and health services.They receive a voucher which they then bring to the centre. The volunteers and professionals involved in this project recognise that it will take time to embed into the local community, gain trust, and build up connections with referral partners. No one expected a quick start, and a half hour after opening the doors, they were still waiting for their first visitor.

Read more at http://sluggerotoole.com/2014/10/06/churches-band-together-to-open-food-bank-in-south-belfast/

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